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What People Say About Working With Us:
"Rika is incredibly versed in various techniques and strategies to help entrepreneurs remove blocks and limitations from achieving their dreams.
She has a huge heart and it is an incredible opportunity to work with her."
Abraham Heisler
Emmy award-winning filmmaker focused on personal Empowerment
" Rika goes well-beyond TIR’s resources by injecting each weekly lesson with practical techniques, resources, and insights from her own extensive professional experience and transformational journey. Indeed, her coaching intersects the personal and professional spectrums so seamlessly, it is like having a life and professional coach all in one! Without a doubt, Rika’s steadfast guidance and wisdom made all the difference in ensuring that TIR would be a life-altering program for me versus just another intellectually-stimulating program with no lasting effect. I highly recommend Rika for anyone seeking to make sustainable changes in their life for greater overall fulfillment."
Mikhala Stein Kotlyar
Social Impact Practitioner
"I was struggling for months trying to figure out some details that could help me move forward with my online business. 
Rika helped me find the one thing that was holding me back.
Rika is incredibly intuitive and her techniques and knowledge are immensely helpful to gain clarity and dissolve any limiting beliefs you may have. 
I highly recommend her coaching to anyone who feels stuck or want to take their life to the next level."
Laura Schwindt
Dentist, Holistic Wellness Coach 

What people say about Thinking into Results:         

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